• The world's first equal-length, equal-weight, and equal-diameter sausage stuffing machine for natural casing.
  • Hitec engineers utilize the servo motor in order to eliminate costly clutch components and maximize sausage count.
    This type of LINKWEL-X can stuff all casing including sheep casing, hog casing, collagen casing, and cellulose casing. Changeover of a product is very easy and even the changeover from natural casing to artificial casing to natural casing is so simple.

    natural casing sausages operater freiendly monitor
  • "LINKWEL-X" is the equal-length, equal weight, and equal-diameter sausage stuffing machine for natural casing.
  • In the conventional production sausages of natural casing sausages, it was considered impossible to make weight and length of sausages constant. However, our new product "LINKWEL-X" is the world's first sausage stuffing machine that has realized production of natural casing sausages with equal weight as well as equal length.
  • Various electric systems available
  • Easy to operate, non proprietary electronic components and controls.
    Omron, Mitsubishi or Allen Bradley, the choice is yours.(Above:Mitsubishi)
  • natural casing sausages machine
  • LINKWEL-X achieved high-speed production of natural casing sausages.
  • It is a machine completed with an idea quite different from the conventional stuffing theory for natural casing sausages. It has realized a production with much higher speed than the conventional natural casing sausages stuffing machine. In addition, since it can be connected including an operation of hanging sausages on rods.
  • LINKWEL-X can minimize breakage of casings during stuffing.
  • As it employs a stuffing method different from the conventional ones, it drastically decreases the frequency of casing breakage due to a success in a sharp decrease of pressure on casings during stuffing.

    Production Rate Artificial Casing Max 3,200 kg/hr
    Natural Casing Max 800 pcs./min

    ※Dependent on casing quality, product size, weight and/or factory conditions.

    Product Size Artificial Casing 3 pitches (28.6 mm , 1 1/8 in ) through 32 pitches (304.8 mm, 12 in) or more.
    Natural Casing 3 pitches (28.6 mm , 1 1/8 in) through 20 pitches (190.5 mm , 7 1/2 in)or more 

    ※Longer sizes can be applied with HITEC'S optional unit.

    Casing Size LINKWEL-X             LINKWEL-XL
    Diameter Sheep Casing 14 mm       ~      25 mm
    Hog Casing 26 mm       ~      36 mm
    Collagen Casing 13 mm       ~      32 mm
    Cellulose Casing 14.5 mm       ~      34 mm
    Shirred Length Sheep Casing 180 mm
    Hog Casing 180 mm
    Collagen Casing 280 mm       ~      300 mm
    Cellulose Casing 325 mm       ~      440 mm


    Total Machine size LW-X+ 8F conveyor LW-XL + 8F conveyor LW-X+10F conveyor LW-XL+10F conveyor
    Height 1846 mm 1846 mm 1846 mm 1846 mm
    Tube height 1270 mm 1270 mm 1270 mm 1270 mm
    Length MAX 5045 mm 5424 mm 5665 mm 6044 mm
    Width 795 mm 795 mm 735 mm 735 mm
    Weight 690 kg 740 kg 710 kg 750 kg
    Net(Machine dimendion and weight) LINKWEL-X LINKWEL-XL 8F conveyor 10F conveyor
    Height 1846 mm 1846 mm 1423 mm 1423 mm
    Length MAX 2046 mm 2425 mm 2999 mm 3619 mm
    Width 669 mm 669 mm 795 mm 735 mm
    Weight 500 kg 540 kg 190 kg 210 kg
    Gross (Wooden crate + Box dimensions and weight) LINKWEL-X LINKWEL-XL 8F conveyor 10F conveyor
    Height 1830 mm 1830 mm 1550 mm 1550 mm
    Length 2550 mm 2750 mm 3500 mm 4100 mm
    Width 900 mm 900 mm 750 mm 750 mm
    Weight 720 kg 780 kg 410 kg 470 kg


    Electorical Requirements Three-Phase 8,200 W
    Pneumatial Requirements Pressure 520 kPa (5.2 bar)        75 psi
    Consumption 1 L, (1,000 cm3) per min     60 in3 per min
    Water Requirements Quality Clean and drinkable water
    Pressure 280-410 kPa (2.8-4.1 bar)     40-60 psi
    Consumption 1 L, (1,000 cm3) per min     60 in3 per min
    Emulsion Requirements Pressure 500 kPa (5 bar)        72 psi
    Consumption Max 3,200 kg/hr     Max 7,000 lb/hr
  • ※ Specifications and equipment are subject change without any obligation on the part of manufacturer.
    ※ The above production rate is subject to change due to the conditions such as production item, factory and other conditions.
  • ■ LAYOUT

    layout of LINKWEL-X LINKWEL-XL
  • ※ Optional sanitary design hanging conveyor in 8ft or 10ft length available. Sanitary servo conveyor made of round tubing for optimum sanitation.
    All components are removable without tool usage. No debris or dirt collection surfaces makes sanitation quick and thorough.
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